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The Rapture and Women DJ’s in UG !

Considering the unfair and wrong bashing that DJ Rachael got in the Uganda press around her Rapture event, celebrating her 20yrs as a DJ, it might seem like not the best move to hold a workshop to make more Ugandan female DJ’s. But… Santuri has never been driven by ‘popular’ opinion but has always been a creative disrupter – an influencer of future and better things – an unbiased lover of EA sound on the lookout for ideas and talent which want to create new genres, fresh ideas and collaborate lots.

The idea for Femme Electronic was born several months ago, but it was with the combined support of Native instruments, Goethe Institute in Berlin and Santuri that finally bought it to fruition.


The workshops were planned around the time of DJ Rachaels Rapture event in Kampala Uganda, Ena Lind of Mint Berlin, a female DJ / producer, traveled to UG to perform and run the workshops. The workshops, aimed at aspirational women DJ’s, were focused on basic tools and skills of  the trade and were attended by 8 Ugandan women. Two of these women already have gigs, one with UK producer Jesse Hackett of Owiny Sigoma!


Femme-61 Femme-60 Femme-8-2(1)

Ena Lind also DJ’d at The Rapture Warehouse Party – and the numerous tweets and status’s flying around cyberspace saying ‘I’ve been raptured’ suggest both Rachael and Ena were liked just a bit.


Native Instruments were awesome in providing the gear for the workshops – they have always managed to lend a hand on Santuri projects and we remain always very very grateful.


As is nicely a ‘trend’ for anything Santuri seems to touch, it worked, lots of learning took place, lots of new connections were forged, more people were fired up about the potential in East Africa, people enjoyed great music and maybe some new careers for women in music in UG were born. Not too shabby!


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