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Sondeka Workshop #4


Sondeka Workshop #4

In the run-up to the festival, Santuri are running a series of workshops as part of the Santuri@Sondeka project.

Workshop 4

Track creation masterclass with Mr. Raoul K

This space will see our guest artist Raoul K work with local artists and performers to create fresh, dynamic tracks and compositions, to be premiered at Sondeka. Each of the other workshops will feed into this co­creation and collaboration space, and should see innovative content developed in a creative crucible. Last year saw tracks made in a similar environment eventually released via a label in the UK to great acclaim ­ so the expectations are high!

The output from these sessions is expected to be a Full Length Album + 1 or more remix from each participant.

We’ll be posting about how these go and the assets they generate as the project proceeds.


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