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Sondeka Workshop #3


Sondeka Workshop #3

In the run-up to the festival, Santuri are running a series of workshops as part of the Santuri@Sondeka project.

Workshop 3

Vocal workout ­ technology, improvisation and performance, with Nonku Phiri and Mim Suleiman

Here, internationally celebrated singers / songwriters and boundary­pushers Nonku and Mim will work with vocalists and songwriters from the region. Developing ideas around improvisation, expression, identity and the use of technology in relations to vocals, the workshop will see topics such as building textures out of live looping, integrating effects and live vocal manipulation explored. Essential skills for singers looking to stand out from the pack, and take control of their own sound.


The output from these sessions is expected to be a Santuri Vocal Technology EP

We’ll be posting about how these go and the assets they generate as the project proceeds.


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