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Sondeka Workshop #2


Sondeka Workshop #2

In the run-up to the festival, Santuri are running a series of workshops as part of the Santuri@Sondeka project.

Workshop 2

Sampling the traditional, building the futuristic, with Emile Hoogenhout (Behr), and Blinky Bill

This workshop sees Ableton Certified Trainer Emile Hoogenhout (Johannesburg) and local legend Blinky Bill (Just a Band) develop concepts around sampling and building software instruments. Supported by Ableton, participants will work to develop software applications, samples and tracks out of recording and manipulating traditional east african instruments. The material will be used both in track creation ­ for sharing at Sondeka­ and for the development of an East African sample bank that will become available to east African producers ­ promoting a platform for an authentically East African sound.

The output from these sessions is expected to be a Sample Bank + EP (each producer picks samples & makes a track)

We’ll be posting about how these go and the assets they generate as the project proceeds.


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