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Sondeka Workshop #1

Sondeka Workshop #1

In the run-up to the festival, Santuri are running a series of workshops as part of the Santuri@Sondeka project.

Workshop 1

Technology and live performance, with Esa Williams and Akula Akwabi

This workshop builds on the experience gained at Rift Valley and Sondeka last year, focussing on how to get technology out of the studio and on to the stage. Integrating software and electronic hardware into live sets provides musicians and artists with numerous new benefits, ranging from a wider sonic palette, a more streamlined performance, and the ability to cross boundaries and reach new audiences. The workshop will provide participants and artists with the ammunition to develop sets that are unique, personalised and inventive ­ far removed from the misconception of pre-programmed electronic music on stage.

The outputs from these sessions are Santuri Live (Ableton) Sets

We’ll be posting about how these go and the assets they generate as the project proceeds.

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