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#SanturiOnSafari: The September Workshops

#SanturiOnSafari September 2015: documenting the work of Santuri with our Ableton sponsored workshops; Sondeka Festival (Nairobi) and Bayimba (Kampala, Uganda).


How a movement started

When you’re in the middle of creating stuff with a bunch of really talented people and that process gets repeated and gels into something – it tends not to matter what you wanted to call it or what you thought it would do. Movements are hard to start but when one gets birthed, all you can do is ride with it – no-one really controls it.
That’s how its been with #SanturiOnSafari – we put together the first couple of pop-up studio workshops around East African festivals but in a little over a year it’s become a movement, collaborations with great international DJ/Producers with East African artists which have spawned a multitude of amazing outputs, including ethnic instrument sampling for Ableton; a record which is changing hands at $100 a pop; has inspired a million remixes; works in the works; critical acclaim; and ideas to clone this concept to other cultural locations.

A bit of background

Santuri East Africa is an innovative non-profit organization that brings together musicians, DJs and producers from all over the world to work with a wide network of artists in East Africa.

Santuri’s mission is to develop and support a vibrant and creative East African network that enables artists and musicians to experiment, innovate, collaborate, and present their work professionally to audiences both regionally and globally.

Santuri works with the partners such as Ableton, Native Instruments, SoundThread, CDR, Red Bull, HIVOS, Bayimba, Sauti za Busara, Creatives Garage, Goethe Institut and British Council to develop projects, workshops, events and recording sessions across the East Africa region.

The Santuri connections

Some of the awesome people we’ve been able to run projects with:

Owiny Sigoma Band
Auntie Flo
Frente Cumbiero (columbia)
Esa Williams
Raoul K
Mim Suleiman
Nonku Phiri
Lulo Cafe
Gebrueder Teichmann
Tony Nwachukwu (CDR London)
DJ Zhao
Blinky Bill
Akula Akwabi

The outputs

Santuri has created over 40 tracks made in collaboration with leading East African artists such as Sarabi, Makadem, Msafiri Zawose, Joel Sebunjo and countless others. Two commercial vinyl releases on Highlife Records sold out in days, and new releases are planned for the coming months.


The Big Xylophone Project

Santuri works its magic on the sounds of the Embaire (giant xylophone) and its troupe and takes them to DoaDoa Festival.


Santuri @ Womex 15

Santuri seeks to develop working relationships with inventive and innovate artists, organisations and individuals.

Please contact David for more info or to set up a meeting at Womex 15



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