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thank you to santuri partners and sponsors

The creative landscape in East Africa might be energised and growing but it’s sorely cash-flow challenged. ‘Normal’ routes to making money out of music, creativity and innovation just don’t apply. The concept behind Airtel Sondeka Festival 2015 is to both highlight and energise the sector.

But without money none of this innovation or music making would be possible – and it’s because of the unseen works of teams behind the scenes, that such ventures can happen at all. People who apply for the grants, who fundraise, organisations who work tirelessly to bring money in and spread it out across the sector, people who make the calls, join ideas and funds together, people who book the tents and toilets – they never end up on stage – but without them none of these wonderful events could ever happen.

We at Santuri want to shout out a huge Asante Sana to all our sponsors, partners, organisations, background people who are making Santuri@Sondeka possible. We plan to do our bit by making it amazing.

Santuri@Sondeka Sponsors

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