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Santuri’s September Safari

It’s been something of a whirlwind few weeks on this current East Africa trip – from the rural setting of perhaps our most ambitious single recording project, to the heat and dust of Kampala as we prepare for a large week at Bayimba International Festival.

The recording project with Msafari Zawose in Bagamoyo was an amazing way to begin the month – witnessing a true collaborative process between Msafari and our trusted creative producer Sam Jones was fascinating – as ideas flew around each had to work out the best way to develop an understanding that would bring the tracks to life. This was no traditional “lets capture the live set” type of recording session – Msafiri had approached Santuri to look at ways to explore new styles and approaches- in a similar way his father, Huwke, has done with his 2002 album Assembly with Micheal Brook, the Canadian ambient producer. Using this as a jumping off point, the tracks that will eventually result from these sessions will be a surprise to many, and a revelation to many more.

Having left Bagamoyo while the sessions continued, I headed over to Entebbe and on to Jinja to attend the second edition of the Nyege Nyege festival – conducted in a truly magical location on the banks of the Nile. There’s plenty to say about this festival – lots of it I’m still trying to process in terms of its impact on the East African creative landscape, so I’ll return to this is another post later down the line. Suffice to say, all those that attended will probably agree something special took place, and the gathering of such a diverse, cutting edge line up from around Africa was a reflection of the festivals inclusive, adventurous mission. TBC….


Having returned to Kampala, Santuri now faces the challenge of a week of intense activity. Beginning with workshops in DJing and music production as a part of the Femme Electronic female DJ platform with DJ Rachael, Santuri will also be hosting an internet radio live broadcast (the coffee ritual) on Wednesday evening, then decamping to the Bayimba studio at National Theater for 4 days of recording and collaborations. In the meantime, there will be live performances from Santuri, Femme Electronic, and our guest producers Blip discs at Bayimba, as well as a series of after parties each night.

We are anticipating some magic, so those in Kampala please stop by at one of our events or sessions, and those further afield – stay up to date via our Instagram or Facebook pages- and don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday night!

See you on the other side,


Director / Co- founder




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