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#SanturiOnSafari, an Ableton affair

Esa Williams gave an amazing sense of direction to a complex and busy set of challenges for the Santuri@Sondeka workshops. Ableton software and Push hardware were at the core of 3 of the 5 Santuri workshop topics for the week.



Emile, along with some extraordinary local musicians and even more extraordinary East African native instruments was running the instrument sampling workshop, humbly set up in the one of the guesthouse bedrooms. A painstaking job of recording note by note, tone by tone, all the sounds of an instrument, to build a virtual instrument that can be played digitally through ableton software.



This work will make native african instruments accessible and available for producers/DJ’s, sound recordists anywhere in the world. [Watch this space for news of when they become available].



Esa’s main workshop focused on how to use Ableton software – the room, full of East African DJ’s, Producers and Artists, couldn’t have been more focused if the topic was how to brew free beer! This was truly a capacity building exercise and a hotbed for lots of cross-pollination, informal learning and sharing of ideas over the week.



The other stream of activities in the workshops and jam sessions was using the Push technology, particularly for live performance, demo’d beautifully by Nonku, Emile and Esa, this became the big but beautiful distraction of the week, with new stuff being performed live at the Sondeka festival.



So much music still in the can, from the queues which formed at the desks of Emile and Esa, waiting to be finished off, so much passion, so much creative energy, so much inspiration and ideas which turned into a movement and I think a legacy in the making.


SanturiOnSafari workshop briefing

I think if you randomly asked any of the local East African participants at the Santuri workshops what they would like for christmas this year, Ableton Push would be up there at the top of their list along with another week of workshops!

Thank you Ableton



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