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Santuri Sounds

Santuri Sounds

Santuri Sounds responds to the need for innovation in East African content that is capable of resonating with audiences and creating lasting value. This Santuri programme also addresses the need for better marketing strategies and routes to market for East African music.

Santuri Sounds activities focus on increasing the availability of East African content with a strong regional identity.

  • Our activities under the Santuri Sounds programme include:
  • Recording projects in the studio and the field
  • Post-production audio (re-mixing)
  • Audio music releases (regional and international)
  • Online radio/livestreams/podcasts
  • Santuri Sample Bank (a growing collection of East African Sounds for recording/mixing/re-mixing)

We are also working towards a Santuri Record Label.

The premise behind our Santuri Sounds programme is that the International DJ’s and Producers we bring in, already have large audiences, and by introducing flavours of East African sounds to their mixes and recordings; the sounds, instruments, rythms and voices of East Africa make it to the wider international audience – a step towards a growing East African identity.

Santuri Sounds programmes are often included alongside Santuri Sessions and #SanturiOnSafari events – leveraging the benefits of experts and artists already present. Some of the sounds created are the result of ad hoc collaborations within the Santuri Network, while others are more formally developed for particular audiences or projects. Some of the recordings have gone on to receive critical acclaim internationally, others provide a growing resource for development of  truly East African Sound.

Santuri Sounds project: The Embaire

One of the ongoing Santuri Sounds projects in collaboration with Soundthread is “The Embaire” – a Uganda based initiative based around an oversize xylophone played by almost an entire village. Read more about it here:

The embaire project - an oversized xylophone played by a village

The embaire project – an oversized xylophone played by a village



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