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Santuri Services

santuri_servicesAs Santuri has grown, delivering its various programmes in the East African region,  we have gained some valuable connections, strategies and expertese in delivering events, handling logistics, scoping and realizing creative ideas and mobilizing talent and audiences.

In order to help fund our own projects we offer the value in our network, expertese and resources on a consulting basis. The services on offer are:

  • Event/Festival/Tour conceptualisation, planning, production and management
  • East African and International DJ booking services
  • East African Artist booking services
  • Culteral, music heritage and location advisory services within East Africa
  • Field & studio recording
  • Music production
  • Sound engineering
  • Mobile studio set-up
  • Equipment and Instrument sourcing
  • Technical East African sound consulting
  • Event logistics within East Africa
  • Radio programming
  • Creative content production – Music/Film/Photography
  • Digital Strategy services
  • Development and/or delivery of Workshops, Labs or Training courses for musicians/DJ’s/Sound Engineers/Producers
  • Sourcing of East African Music
  • Conference speakers

Please get in touch via our contact form explaining what you need and we’ll get back to you to discuss.