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Santuri launches online project for music producers

KMRU 12(1)

We have partnered up with the Music in Africa Foundation to deliver an innovative online music production course throughout November. The project builds on the classic Santuri formula of exciting artists and educators running tailored sessions.

We have divided up the sessions into two streams. The first is a partnership with Sim Sima – the female production and event platform from Nairobi. This will be a entry level course to Ableton Live and will cover the following modules:

Introduction to the Digital Audio Workstation – with Emile Hoogenhout (Ableton Certified Trainer)
Making Beats – with Tony Nwachukwu
Getting Deeper – Adding layers and melodies – with KMRU
Polishing your sound – an introduction to mixing and effects with Kabuki
Showcase and feedback on work – with Jane Arnison

Dj Coco Em will lead this stream.

Please note – slots for Sim Sima modules are only for women* producers – please send a mail to or if you want to be a guest student for these sessions.

The second stream is the Santuri Masterclass, and is aimed at established artists who wish to hone their skills. This will involve:

Collaborative creativity in the digital realm – with KMRU
Remix, rework, reinterpret – creative remixing with Kabuki
Sonic Identities – creating a signature sound with Emile Hoogenhout
Level up your mix – advanced mixing techniques with Jane Arnison
CDR Nairobi – showcase and feedback session with Tony Nwachukwu

The course will be coordinated by Mike Muema of ADMI Nairobi.

How it will work:

Places for active participants are extremely limited so that the tutors can give detailed support. However, the sessions can be viewed live by an unlimited number of guest students, who can also follow along with the training. Email or if you want to be a guest for these sessions.

What’s more, we will share the results of the sessions online in video format on completion of the project, providing a resource for other producers to learn and participate.

More details here:

The project is a collaboration between Santuri, Kraal Experience, CDR, Sim Sima, and is funded via the Music in Africa Foundation.


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