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What we do

What We Do

We create networks of musicians producers DJs and cultural activists. [Santuri Network]

We build pop up studios and facilitate cutting-edge co-creation sessions whereby the traditional meets the contemporary. [Santuri Sounds]

We work with festivals to provide creative spaces for artists to work and develop tracks in a single day that can then be premiered at the festival event. [#SanturiOnSafari]

We also run training and capacity building workshops for producers and sound engineers, and bring in global major music industry players such as Ableton and Native Instruments to assist. [Santuri Sessions]

We will be releasing the results of recording sessions both in East Africa and Europe. [Santuri Sounds]

We are developing concepts along the lines of the Creative Commons philosophy whereby the music can be endlessly shared, reworked and remixed.


Santuri at RVF [Rift Valley Festival 2014] – the birth of Santuri Sessions, Santuri Sounds and #SanturiOnSafari

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FEKE | Femme Electronic Kenya

FEKE | Femme Electronic Kenya


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