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New Santuri Release : Wolf Müller Meets the Nile Project

In early 2016, Santuri collaborated with the Nile Project in Aswan Egypt – something we reported on back then…


Three years later, we are proud to see the results out into the world – four tracks produced by Jan Schulte (aka Wolf Müller / Bufiman) and featuring some of the incredibly talented musicians at the Nile Project Gathering, including:

Kasiva Mutua

Adel Mehka

Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno


Listen here:


The record sold out in 2 days, and will be repressed imminently. Press and artist responses have been overwhelmingly positive, with the tracks getting played around the world by DJs and and broadcasters. Two tracks where also premiered on UK based music sites Stamp the Wax, and Ransom Note. Reserve your copy or download the files from here:


Two of the tracks were the work of the the Kenyan musician Rapasa Nyatrapasa Otieno. This is what he had to say about the versions that appear here:


In this music the lead instruments are Nyatiti and Nyangile which are played by the Luo in the lake region in south Nyanza Kenya. Time and movement can impact traditions in that they are at risk of fading.

As part of Rapasa’s ongoing research into preservation of traditional music and education he has collected different elements such as the Nyatiti music and stories, the Nyangile which is not much exposed in the community and also Dodo. The later is performed by women who has lived enough and has been engaging with the community for them to be best placed to express grief in a poetic way. Between 2014 and 2015 Rapasa had some experience with a family in which Radido is the father. Upon Rapsa’s visits to the family, Yath ok ywagre (Radido) has become very much the center to his inspiration. When he met him in Ngumo estate they both felt a connection. Radido then invited him to Sega Ndenga to play Nyatiti to the whole village. Later when Rapasa met Ogoya Nengo, a Dodo master, he had several sessions with her. As he practiced Dodo he needed to find a subject. It is at this time that he felt the importance to bring back Radido’s image.

During Rapasa’s participation in The Nile Project and Santuri he brought back the story.



Also, a special podcast conversation between Santuri’s David Tinning and Jan Schulte will be available soon.





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