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New Santuri Release | Embaire Umeme EP

Santuri’s Embaire Umeme E.P by Mugwisa International Xylophone Group

We’re excited to announce the release of new Santuri material on the wonderful On The Corner Records from London. It features recordings made in Uganda at DoaDoa festival in 2015 by Santuri and Sam Jones of Soundthread.

The recordings were of the Mugwisa International Xylophone Group from Iganga and the Tracks were remixed by Sam Jones, Alejandro Mosso and Ishmael.

The tracks have already been premiered by tastemaker supreme Gilles Peterson and Stamp the Wax mag.

Quote from Stamp the Wax

When the story behind a release has its own mini-documentary you know it’s going to be special. Bongos, xylophones and whole host of sounds from East Africa are out in full force on a collaboration between Santuri and Uganda’s Mugwisa International Xylophone Group. Released by On The Corner Records, in partnership with Soundthread, this is another masterclass on world music sampling, highlighting unique cultures from around the world.

There’s more material (original recordings) and remixes from this project planned for release later in the year and 2017…

The amazing artwork is by Victoria Topping



From the sleeve notes

This latest release from On the Corner is the first release in a series of collaborations between Santuri, Soundthread and OtC. This record features electronic constructs and remixes of the acoustic recording sessions that will appear later in 2016, accompanied by more “Umeme’ ( ‘ electric’ and the name of the main electricity company in Uganda) reworks.

The Embaire Recording sessions away from grid power are scenarios, which might warrant a sharp exit for the majority of wise music producers. However those willing to take on the ambiguous route of sessions of an unconventional identity find that such pursuits often give way to fruitful outcomes.

Mugwisa International Xylophone Group (M.I.X.G) is led by the village chief called Mugwisa, and or these recordings he worked closely with a producer from Kampala called Jude Mugwera. Jude and Sam Jones from SoundThread worked hard at condensing their music in to shorter assemblies of 3/4 minute tracks down from the 3/4 hour epics.


On the Corner Records are selling a limited edition 12″  Vinyl on OtC Bandcamp:

Three track wax edition of the Embaire Umeme E.P with a knockout, strictly limited artworked sleeve from Victoria Topping. All OtC Vinyl includes an immediate download of the release. (You can also listen from there)

Readers might remember our video posting about the start of this project:


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