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Santuri Sounds: The Mixtape Challenge

Once a month  Santuri will support a mix from the immediate network of Santuri artists, and in exceptional cases, from further afield. If you would like to be considered for the monthly mixtape, these are the criteria you should bear in mind:
1. You don’t need to be a DJ to enter. It doesn’t have to be a seamless DJ mix with perfect beat matched transitions. Better that you present music you believe in, in any format – you can even record a podcast with your self chatting about the tracks. Don’t feel like you have to present just one genre, and be creative.
2. Don’t give us the big tunes you play out in the club each week. Dig deeper into your collection and pull out the forgotten gems, or the ones that you never get chance to to play.
3. Be different and be bold. If you love field recordings of matatu rides or whatever, throw it in.
4. Tell us a little about the mix- we’ll run an interview with each mixtape presented.
5. Remember Santuri has a strong East Africa interest – if your mix in some way represents or repackages East African sounds, we’ll be very excited to hear it. This is also the case for premiering new edits, remixes or tracks you have been working on.
6. You can submit mixes you have already done, as long as they haven’t been too heavily circulated already.
Tech details:
The mix should be between 30 and 50 mins long. Maximum is one hour.
As high quality as possible- nothing less than 320 kbps for mp3. We’ll host from the Santuri SoundCloud.
If you have artwork for your mix please also share.

Email with your links or with further questions.



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