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Future Sounds of East Africa

CDR – one of Santuri’s inspirations and partners – is running a joint project with Dimensions Festival in Croatia. Santuri has the chance to contribute via the #Local Audio  project- and put the sounds of East Africa into the hands of producers all over the world.

As a network, Santuri has been invited to submit sounds from across the region  to add to the sample bank created for this project. Sounds can be anything – traffic noise, market sounds, drums, instruments etc – and you can record them on your phone or digital device. The guidelines are below, but its important to remember that the purpose is to represent your environment, and keep samples short and raw (unprocessed).


The results will be forwarded to CDR, where the most interesting will be processed into sample banks for Maschine and Ableton. Producers in the CDR (and Santuri) community will then be invited to make tracks from the results – with the ‘winner’ being invited to Croatia AND appearing on a vinyl release with London underground legends Dego and Tony Nwachukwu.


These are the guidelines:

  • Using your phone or recording device, recording a snippet of sound that illustrates your local area.
    In the “description” field, please tell us a little bit about the sound you recorded, and what tools you used

    Please note:
  • Ensure that that sounds are between 1-20 seconds long
  • Try also to take a photo from the scene of the recording
  • Sounds can range from standard field style recordings (eg. “Overground train arriving, Dalston Kingsland”), recordings of specific created tones (e.g scaffolding strike with padded glove), musical, abstract, or conceptual. They could be drum style ‘hits’; sound FX; atmospheres; speech or vocals.
  • Sounds should be delivered ‘as is’ without the use of effects (reverb, delay etc).
  • Please ensure you have permission to use the sounds before you upload
  • Sound that include the use of bad language, profanities etc will not be considered
  • By submitting sounds you are contributing to a Public Domain Sound Library. You give users permission to copy, modify, distribute and perform with the sound, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.


Please upload sounds before May 15th to this drop box link:


Contact with questions!




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