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Santuri Signal – our new podcast series

This show promotes emerging East African Music and is an introduction to the artists that are shaping innovative and alternative sounds in the region. We’ve been recording interviews with East African artists and collecting their music in order to make a full season of podcasts. On the global scene, Nigerian[…]

Santuri Meets The Nile Project

This weekend Santuri will join forces with the awesome Nile Project to collaborate at The Gathering – The Nile Project’s meeting of musical minds in Aswan, Egypt. The Nile Project brings together 15 musicians from around the Nile basin, to work together creating and performing new music that shares in[…]

In the press: Party hard East African style | Redbull Amaphiko

Press play on Santuri’s exclusive new mix “We felt that the East African music scene was overly dominated by music influenced by commercial hip-hop, R&B and dancehall from the States and elsewhere,” says Tinning. “It seemed that the deep and varied history of amazing music and traditional cultures really wasn’t[…]

In the press: Resident Advisor article on Highlife

Globally Inspired Five years since their first party, this collective has become one of the most dynamic and truly international outfits in dance music. Kit Macdonald speaks to its principal members: Andrew Thomson, Auntie Flo and Esa Williams.  – Resident Advisor [26th Sept 15] Some nice mentions of the work[…]

Santuri Safari recreates traditional sounds for young audiences

In the Press: Santuri Safari recreates traditional sounds for young audiences published on Music In Africa Sep 04, 2015 by Beth Achitsa Technology is transforming the way people experience music. Many people today probably experience music more often through recordings than in live performances. The emergence of new technologies means that young[…]