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Mr Raoul K

Mr Raoul K

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Being a refuge from the Ivory Coast, he traveled to Germany in ’92 where he made Hamburg, a city in the northern parts of the country, his new residence. His biggest dream was to become a professional soccer player and he even made it to the professional level in Germany, but after a serious knee injury he was forced to stop playing soccer.

It was in Hamburg where he first got in touch with the aesthetic vibe of house & techno music that was played at the local clubs, after which he was immediately sold: these nightly experiences resulted in a surprising change in his future career. In 1999 he moved to Lubeck, where he during the day would work long hours as a carpenter and developed and refined his musical skills at night. After years of taking double shifts and setting aside every hard earned penny, he finally had enough money to build his own studio. Mr. Raoul K., a true perfectionist, was ready to share his productions with the world.

His exotic productions from the Ivory Coast ensured that his current home base and other cities in Germany welcomed him with open arms. His productions are characterized by a combination of traditional African instruments, ranging from the Cora to the Balafon, with the industrial sound he found in the clubs.

Part from being a talented producer, Raoul also is an exceptional DJ. Being a vinyl lover, he regularly still spends days in the local records stores, looking for that one 12” that can make the difference during his sets. He accommodates his own music at the Baobab Music label (founded in 2007), his own brainchild. The label is named after the ancient African tree, which according to the myth is being inhabited by the wisest of monkeys. Through his label, gems like “Le Cercle Peul” were released, which received critical acclaim from prominent critics and respected producers like Jerome Sydenham, Josh Deep and Henrik Schwarz. In 2009 he set up the Baobab Secret label in order to put out tracks that do not fit the output schedule of Baobab Music. All of his hard work is paying off and earned him gigs at the world famous Panoramabar (Berlin), Rex Club (Paris) and a set in the legendary Boilerroom. Nowadays Raoul created a firm, still growing fan base all around the world, from Germany to Japan.

(words credit United Groove)