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Mim Suleiman

Mim Suleiman

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Mim Suleiman the Zanzibar born singer / songwriter /performer/ composer / teacher and storyteller is undoubtedly a one-woman stick of dynamite. She has made quite a name for herself on stages around the world with her mixture of East African vocals and percussive traditions.

Having released two albums produced by the much admired and notorious Maurice Fulton on his very own Bubble Tease Communications label, the collaboration has seen Mim hone in on an effective fusion of traditional African music and ultra-forward thinking electronic disco and house grooves.

Mim’s electrifying and ferocious vocals, sung mostly in her native Swahili with detours into English and Fula – blaze a trail into afrobeat, jacking rhythm trax and futuristic pop music. Her charismatic stage presence and vibrant mesmerizing performances have seen her rock festivals and dance floors the world over, always delivered with a big heart. The timely blossoming of her talent has seen Suleiman work with a host of artists including Tony Allen and Amadou and Miriam, and now sees her as the focus of a feature length documentary called uSista. Mim explains: “For me, this project is an opportunity to explore how women in East Africa have organized, agitated and influenced, and how we can trace modern parallels from these roots.”

Expect jerking, stomping and a whole manner of shape-throwing as the crowd is captured by her Tanzanian dub disco sound.