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DJ Rachael

DJ Rachael

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The most popular,famous, globe-trotting, iconic pioneer female DJ in Uganda. The girlpower defining DJ, is still rising and rockin crowds now mo than ever before, 15 yrs on and more reknown!!


Club Pulsations as an Mc then Dj in 1996. Club Silk 1997 to 2006.
Dj Rachael had temporal stints in Club Rouge, Steak Out, Volts, FLORIDA 2k, BCLUB,Stone Club Mwanza,Via Via Arusha, and much more.Currently plays at Cayenne. Been an act on several high profile events like the Akina Mama wa Africa celebrations, the Fanta Bambucha launch, Bayimba music festivals, Coolio concert, Wayne Wonder & Demarco concert, the Irish St Patrick’s Day events in KLA, IHK opening launch, several corporate and house gigs. She has done songs on wars, planting trees, malaria prevention, drunk driving etc.


Dj Rachael is an almost shy entity who unbelievably creates havoc on the dancefloors when spinning her tools in the booths. Very unassuming but entertaining with her peers. Her music mixes have been known to move people of all ages ranging from the impressionable teenagers to the immovable 70 yr olds. How she does it through the years remains an open secret entrenched in her musical mind. Dedicated, proffessional, charming, entertaining, sharing, adorable, kind; are some of the words that have been used by fans to describe this larger than life Dj, who surprisingly is very petite for the name she has created for herself.


Club Pulsations (Kabalagala) as an Mc and DJ
Club Silk (Industrial Area .. Kampala as full in house Dj)
Sombreros (Jinja .. was part time Dj)
Club Volts (Entebbe Road .. part time Dj)
Steak Out (Lumumba Ave Kampala.. part time Dj)
Mish Mash (Acacia Avenue .. Kampala as guest)
Club Rouge (Jinja Road .. Kampala ) as inhouse DJ
Sway Club (Kampala Road)
Cayenne bar (Bukoto .. Kampala .. Latest stint)
Bayimba International Festival (Silent Disco .. Kampala, Arusha)
Stone Club (Mwanza ..Tanzania .. as guest Dj)
Florida 2000 (Nairobi .. Kenya .. guest Dj)
Club Choices (Nairobi .. Kenya ..guest Dj)
Via Via (Arusha .. Tanzania as guest Dj)
Happy People Events (Kigali .. Rwanda as guest Dj