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SEMA Alums Program

SEMA Alums Program

Students who successfully attended Santuri’s Electronic Music Academy (SEMA) can join the alums* group after graduating from a music production course. The SEMA Alums Program was initiated in January 2022 and has the goal to further graduates’ careers by supporting their activities, providing access to Santuri’s equipment and space as well as by sharing opportunities in the wider arts and music sector. Listed in the following are current alums with their artist names, social media handles and other projects.


5starBeatz he/him Instagram
DJ Shock Facebook Instagram Mixcloud Soundcloud Twitter Other: DJ Association
Emery G
Kamushez he/him Instagram
Labdi Linktree
Ochwatts  @ochwatts
Zj Youtube
Barno. she/her Bandcamp Instagram Soundcloud
EchoE he/him Instagram

IaMtheMceeG Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Twitter
KBK  he/him Instagram
MUNYASYA he/him Instagram
Rafiiki Instagram Facebook Soundcloud Youtube
Deryque he/him Instagram Soundcloud
EL Mbuyu he/him Linktree Instagram Soundcloud
Other: MajorBeatAlert
IV  she/her Instagram Mixcloud Soundcloud
Kijan9  he/him Instagram Soundcloud
Nwao  they/them Website
SnSe he/him Instagram


7headc0 he/him Bandcamp
Don Poizone he/him Instagram Youtube
Kimina he/him Linktree

Manthematiks he/him Bandcamp LinkedIn Linktree Soundcloud Discord: Manthematiks #1226
Sam Mbugua he/him Linktree
some_melodious_sonnet she/her Soundcloud
Alex Vice he/him Instagram Youtube
Freddy Muia he/him Bandcamp Youtube Other projects: Red Eye FM
Lukorito he/him @lukxrito

Nabalayo she/her Bandcamp Website

Simila he/him
[MONRHEA] she/they Instagram
LinkedIn Bandcamp Soundcloud
Discord: Monrhea#0339
DJ Mura KE he/him Linktree Other projects: Topklasssounds
Jakk Quill he/him Instagram Twitter Youtube
Makossiri non-binary Bandcamp Instagram Mixcloud Soundcloud Other: AfrofutureTech
Nsasi him/they Bandcamp Instagram Soundcloud

TURKANA she/her Linktree

*Alums is the gender-neutral plural of ‘graduate’ in Latin.

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