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Advanced Course


Santuri East Africa is now accepting applications for its second SEMA course,  designed for advanced music producers. Running between January 31st and March 11th, the course offers producers with a proven track record an opportunity to take their music to a new level – from experimental production techniques, building live performances, advanced mixing approaches and developing release strategies. The course is free, and a stipend for successful applicants will be provided.  


Students applying for this Advanced course will need to show:

  • Solid understanding of music composition and production; sampling, audio manipulation and mixing.
  • Theoretical understanding of sound engineering  – signal flows, acoustics, etc.
  • Experience in working with musicians in a studio setting
  • Strong collaborative attitude and team spirit   
  • Effective workflow and organized process
  • Strong track record of engagement with underground and / or East African music culture
  • Strong interest in experimental and innovative production / performance techniques

Student profile:

Having several years of experience in music production and performance, the enrollee will be able to share previous releases with the enrollment board and discuss their creation. The student will have experience with self releasing and / or working with labels or platforms for music distribution. They must demonstrate a willingness to work outside their comfort zone, to think critically and openly about their musical direction.  Applicants must be based in Nairobi for the duration of the course and be able to attend classes every day. 

Female / non-binary applicants are strongly encouraged to apply. If you are wondering why, please read the Gender section of our report for Ableton here.

Applications close – 20th December 2021

SEMA is supported by Goethe-Institut’s Jenga CCI on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in collaboration with the GIZ.

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