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Amazing News – Santuri’s DJ Rachael is the FIRST artist to represent Uganda at WOMEX

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DJ Rachael from Uganda, one of the central DJ/Producers involved with the Santuri East Africa project over the last 3 years, has been selected to perform at the prestigious WOMEX DJ Summit in Spain this October.

Santuri, began its relationship with DJ Rachael some three years ago at DOADOA festival where she collaborated with our team on some tracks. As a female DJ/Producer from Uganda she falls into a very small group of female DJ’s in East Africa. Santuri and Rachael have been involved in several initiatives together, the latest of which took place earlier this month in Kampala – the Femme Electronic workshop. This ran in conjunction with the Rapture Warehouse event to celebrate DJ Rachaels 20 years in the business.

As one of only 5 selected DJ’s at the WOMEX DJ Summit, it’s a HUGE honour for any DJ, let alone one from Uganda where electronic music is still in it’s infancy and female DJ’s are rare around the world, and even rarer in East Africa.

Amazing Firsts!

DJ Rachael if the FIRST artist to represent Uganda at WOMEX

DJ Rachael helped Santuri initiate the Femme Electronic platform for female DJs in UG which is the FIRST of its kind in Africa.

More info about the WOMEX selections on their website

Our Press Release

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