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Having grown up on her parents’ eclectic combination of African music, country, soul, Reggea and 90s music all which became infused with her own love for hip hop, Malkia created her own sound, “HIPTRONIQ”, which is a fusion of hip hop and electronic music. Malkia’s mixes are long, flows seamlessly blending one record into the next.

Malkia got her start in Highschool when she was put in charge of entertainment. Her passion for DJ’ing grew further in Maseno when she started doing mixes for her friends, family and in house parties. Malkia moved to Nairobi where she became a professional DJ and has since played at different club events, private parties, club residencies and Karaoke nights. As a producer, rapper and pianist, Malkia has found plenty of ways to express herself musically.

“For me, it’s all about playing records that get you nodding your head and tapping your feet without
even realizing it regardless of the tempo, style, and genre or release date of a record.”