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DJ | Producer | FEKE participant

Joseph Kamaru (KMRU) is a Kenyan electronic music producer, classical guitarist, obokano player, and DJ. His deft arrangements and productions have landed him in the spotlight in Augsburg and in the #NuNairobi scene coming through now in Kenya. In early 2017, KMRU produced his debut album Euphoria, which unveiled his musical experiments. Around the same time Kamaru participated in the East African Soul Train, an artist residency project, bringing East African creatives together to collaborate around a train journey from Nairobi to Mombasa, with Jojo Abbot as the creative director. KMRU is a Onebeat 2017 finalist, and has collaborated with Onebeat fellow, Poetra Asantewa and is currently working with another fellow. KMRU anchors his music in the space where electronic music, nature and life intersect.